Story 1

Nearly every two years Selkirk council votes in a new Deputy Mayor. On Dec 14, council named John Buffie as the new Deputy following councillor Darlene Swiderski’s 2018-2020 term. Buffie brings a wealth of experience and has held a council seat in Selkirk for 18 years.

Story 2

Selkirk’s new state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plant will feature a storm surge management system that will potentially save millions in tax dollars while making use of existing infrastructure.

Story 3

It’s hard to score if you don’t have a goal… or a ball.

Check out our new hockey balls — perfect to compliment your outdoor/indoor activities. The best part? Profits from this sale support the Selkirk Recreation Endowment Fund.

Story 4

With financial assistance from the Manitoba Government’s Disaster Prevention and Climate Resiliency program, construction of the combined sewer separation on Sophia St. between Centennial and Selkirk Avenues will begin tomorrow.

Sewer separation is a critical objective of the city’s award-winning Climate Change Adaption Strategy (CCAS).