Small town Big character

Selkirk’s residents enjoy the best features of city living with a small-town character that makes for a tight-knit community with a friendly culture – “Small is Beautiful”.

Priority number one is the well-being, quality of life and community pride of the people of Selkirk. Selkirk is the place where everyone is encouraged to help shape and be a part of the city’s future.

Selkirk is the regional operational centre of the Lord Selkirk School Division, which serves a vast region made up of 3,900 students and 15 schools; 7 of these are in Selkirk. In 2018, the primary education student / teacher ratio sits at 9.7 students per teacher (World Council on City Data ISO 37120). Selkirk is home to one of the top ten post-secondary schools in the province.

Serving the regional population based, Selkirk is the site of major medical facilities and services, see Healthcare. A new regional general hospital is providing new technology for acute care, outpatient service, and hospitalization to the community. Whether for employees, families or businesses, Selkirk delivers exceptional access to healthcare.

Selkirk is the place where people have an abundance of opportunities for healthy outdoor activities all year round. Citizens have access to a fully developed waterfront along the historic Red River. From here people are connected to a network of parks, public trails, and recreational facilities – a source of pride, entertainment, and socialization for residents, see City of Selkirk Parks and Recreation. This sense of attachment contributes to the social well-being within the community.

People in Selkirk are committed to environmental sustainability that protects natural features and resources. Good stewardship practice includes waste management where recycling is the norm for homes and businesses. Selkirk’s public transit system is running with high utilization. The result is improved access to services and convenience for residents, and reduction in greenhouse emissions.

When it comes to looking for a place to live, Selkirk has a diversified and affordable stock of housing, which includes single-family detached homes, multi-family (townhouses, apartments) and senior-oriented housing. This housing stock provides Selkirk residents a choice.

According to the World Council of City Data ISO 37120, Selkirk ranked fourth among thirty Canadian cities in affordable housing with 79.4% of the population living in affordable housing. The average house price in 2020 is $253,611, about $32,000 lower in comparison to Winnipeg averaging at $285,800 (Winnipeg Regional Real Estate Board).

With proximity to Winnipeg, the Red River, and cottage country, Selkirk is central to the province’s most popular attractions and leisure activities. Add to that the many local historical sites and landmarks, and it becomes clear that livability in Selkirk has something for everyone.

For more information about Why Selkirk, please go to Data and maps.

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