Committed to sustainability

Selkirk focuses on development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Sustainability is at the core of the City of Selkirk’s plan for growth. The City utilizes forward-thinking policies and planning to create an environment that attracts and retains new companies and investment. By achieving economic growth through sustainable practices, Selkirk has become a uniquely resilient, predictable, and prosperous environment for businesses and our community.

Selkirk believes in investing today to build a better tomorrow and that achieving this takes realistic, impactful action — not just talk. Residential planning with a reduced environmental footprint, the establishment of community green spaces, and city development that prioritizes sustainability are just a few examples of the steps taken to secure future prosperity. The core infrastructure has been established, including a new wastewater treatment facility, and a long-term plan to adapt to ongoing climate change — allowing the City and businesses to capitalize on emerging opportunities, instead of ongoing crisis response.

To illustrate how the City of Selkirk is operationalizing the principles of sustainable development, a synopsis of the plans and strategies are outlined below. 

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City of Selkirk Strategic Plan

Selkirk is at the centre of one of Canada’s most promising regions and is working to maximize its potential, with the strategic plan as its roadmap. The planning process included consultation with Selkirk’s residents, businesses, and community leaders to help define what success looks like to them. Based on their guidance, the plan outlines 21 goals under five strategic priorities, with an emphasis on realistic, focused indicators of success. These priorities include:

  1. A vibrant, safe, healthy community
  2. A strong and stable local economy
  3. Safe and sustainable infrastructure
  4. Maximum value from community resources
  5. Environmental stewardship

Importantly, this plan is not set in stone. The City understands the importance of adapting to changing conditions and will continue to adjust its plan to keep pace with the evolving needs of the community. 

For more information, please see our Strategic Plan.

Climate Change Adaptation Strategy

All City infrastructure has the additional support of the Selkirk Climate Change Adaptation Strategy. This is a comprehensive, practical, and economical plan for the City to proactively address the impacts of climate change on municipal services and residents. It includes leading practices to quantify, plan, budget and undertake the work required to adapt over the next 50 years. With this strategy in place, the City and businesses can capitalize on emerging opportunities rather than having to react after the fact.

This strategy provides an in-depth example of how communities can collaboratively plan for climate change mitigation and adaptation. The Selkirk Climate Change Adaptation Strategy details the process of planning, implementation and next steps that can be taken to improve community resilience towards climate change.

For more insights, please see our Climate Change Adaptation Strategy.

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Capital Asset Management Strategy

In 2017, the City of Selkirk took important steps to embed asset management as a core business practice of city government. First, the City prepared its Capital Asset Management Strategy outlining the vision for its asset management program. It then identified steps the City will take over the next few years to build a robust and resilient asset management program.

Selkirk Council then took the bold step of approving By-law 5300 which mandates the City to have an asset management program in place. The by-law sets out the program’s objectives and establishes clear responsibilities for both City administration as well as Council for the effective delivery of the program.

City Administration has outlined a high-level legislative framework for the Capital Asset Management program. This framework identified the key policies, procedures, and tools it will develop over the next few years to meet the objectives and requirements as set out in By-law 5300.

For more information about Our Capital Asset Management Strategy, please go here.

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