The city where sustainability is a verb

Creating prosperity in harmony with the environment.

Investing today to build a better tomorrow requires realistic, impactful action — not just talk. Selkirk is implementing the programs and forward-thinking policies to protect our planet’s natural resources and climate to meet the needs of future generations. 

Selkirk – sustainability is good for business.

Where it all comes together

A hub city creating regional prosperity.

Selkirk draws on a population well beyond its borders, providing investment opportunities in consumer retail shopping and services, healthcare, and within the steel industry. In fact, Selkirk is the centre of western Canada’s steel sector.

Selkirk – excellent centres of opportunity.

Trustworthy data and information

Making intelligent investment decisions starts with reliable data.

As Manitoba’s only ISO urban data certified community, Selkirk’s information and data integrity has credibility at a global standard. This ensures prospective businesses and investors get the reliable data they need to make informed decisions.

Selkirk – the numbers speak for themselves.

Steel sector

Heavy industry keeps it clean

In addition to producing the highest-quality recycled clean steel, Selkirk’s steel businesses reclaim byproducts that serve as source material for complementary manufacturers, creating new opportunities in a growing circular economy.

steel manufacturing plant showing molten steel
film crew setting up along the water front

Film & digital media sector

A place where stories are told

With a can-do attitude, Selkirk provides the supports to help productions come to life. From diverse set options to expedient permits, and production infrastructure to tax credits, Selkirk is becoming the location of choice for more production crews.

Retail and service sector

They come from miles around

With its unique complement of big-box national brands and distinctive small businesses, Selkirk draws 4 times its population to the city on a regular basis. Opportunities abound between the City’s modern retail power centre and its historic revitalized downtown district.

man and woman walking outside with shopping bags

selkirk at a glance

ISO 37120 Platinum Certified 2019 World Council on City Data logo

Selkirk is one of 15 Canadian cities and the first in Manitoba to gain the ISO 37120 certification from the World Council on City Data (WCCD). This provides globally-standardized, independently-verifiable data that makes it easy to compare social, economic, and environmental metrics betweens cities of any size.

One of the lowest electricity rates in North America

One of Canada’s most affordable cities to live in

Rail access with Canadian Pacific and Canadian National Railways

Abundant water capacity for manufacturing

Over 800 employees in manufacturing

Built smarter from the ground up

Selkirk West End concept plan

The West End Concept Plan is the collaborative vision of a government that is leading the way toward a sustainable future. The Plan calls for 5,000 new housing units, and includes a mixed-use urban village, 90 acres of new park space and a 1.5km long water feature that the city sees to attract outdoor enthusiasts like canoeists and kayakers. The vision is to use the best practices in urban planning and community development to build a walkable neighbourhood that improves the quality of life for Selkirk’s residents.

We mean business

Featured businesses

RTK Development

RTK Development specializes in working with communities on residential development projects.

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Since 1975, Shindico has been Canada’s market leader in commercial real estate and investment management.

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Gerdau’s Selkirk facility, originally built in 1907, is a leading North American steel producer.

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community stories

RSS City of Selkirk
  • Selkirk facing substantial tax increase after federal policing contract negotiations November 29, 2021
    Selkirk residents could be facing a minimum tax increase of 4.31 per cent next year due to increased policing wages negotiated during a collective bargaining process the city was not invited to participate in. The agreement was negotiated between the federal government and the National Police Federation (NPF). Municipalities were not invited to take part
  • City requires all employees to be fully immunized against COVID-19 or submit to regular testing November 26, 2021
    Beginning December 22, 2021, all City of Selkirk employees must either be fully immunized against COVID-19 or undergo regular testing to minimize the risk of impacts to safety for staff and members of the public. The city’s COVID-19 Vaccination Policy was approved Nov. 10 and all employees are required to be fully immunized within six
  • C’mon and take a free ride – youth riders pay nothing for transit from December to March November 24, 2021
    Jason Boyd knows a thing or two about deliveries.  The owner of Frank’s Pizza has been responsible for bringing fresh ‘za to Selkirk and area doorsteps for years and he’s now expanding his partnership with the Selkirk Transit Authority to help deliver young people to local destinations as well. Frank’s Pizza will be providing free