better information leads to better decisions

Making intelligent and strategic corporate investment expansion decisions takes thoughtful analysis – and it all starts with relevant and reliable data. A community’s size is not a determinant of its data integrity – it comes down to intent. At Selkirk Sustainable Economic Development, we are committed to information quality and data integrity. We have carefully selected independent and respected data partners esteemed for their reliability and innovation.

We use this third-party information in our own planning, tracking, and reporting, and strive to make it available to those considering investment in our community. Quality data has utility well beyond decision making. It helps hold us to account, gives us certainty in the comparisons made, provides objectivity in measuring progress.

We invite you to utilize the data resources and contact us to request additional information you may require.

multiple graphs showing information, analysis, data however it is not specific towards Selkirk

gis maps

Interactive maps on planning, development opportunities, employment districts, health and lifestyle, and city facilities and infrastructure.

iso-certifed data

WCCD platinum-level ISO 37120 certification report and data table.


Interactive dashboards on demographics, workforce, housing, and segmentation lifestyle.

site selector tables

Data on economy, demographics, labour force, education, wages, transportation, construction coats, utilities, quality of life, government programs, trade market areas, and WCCD data.

city reports

Reports covering strategic plans, strategies, development plans, concept plans, by-laws and definitions, and industry park brochures.

selkirk business park brochure

Proximity to a major transportation network, utility corridor and major big box retail development. Zoned light Industrial (MI) – Light industry/manufacturing.