invest in Selkirk

Selkirk is the regional destination for economic opportunity, health care, shopping, hospitality, recreation, and a place to call home. What makes Selkirk unique?

Central Location

The City of Selkirk is centrally located in the centre of Canada. Our placement with Trans-Canada Highway and rail access, businesses can service the local market, access new markets, and easily coordinate transportation of goods with same day delivery possible to more than just one destination.

Thriving Business Hubs

The new development area has been built directly northwest of the City limits where several new and thriving businesses and professionals call home. Big-box retail development, a regional hospital, Easton Place – medical clinic, and a cluster of manufacturing firms are all industries that portray Selkirk’s strength. Primarily focusing on small to medium sized firms, Selkirk aims to attract operations that are complementary to the area and environmentally responsible to ensure that sustainable development is maintained.

Affordable Operating Costs

Affordable operations are achieved through a combination of green energy, affordable utility rates, low building costs and below average tax rates. Development fees are waived for business park development in Selkirk.

Skilled Labour Force

Long-term employment is evident in Selkirk with a business community that encourages loyal, disciplined, and dedicated employees. With quality educational institutions operating in the region, businesses can access a plentiful well-trained talent pool. Fewer employers compete for the same talent, so employees are attracted to stay, creating lower turnover rates, and increasing productivity in the workplace.

Sustainable Infrastructure

Selkirk’s largest investment ever, the new, $36 million wastewater treatment plant produces some of the cleanest effluent you’ll ever see and it’s totally reusable. This state-of-the-art only of its kind in Canada technology provides environmental and economic stability long into the future.

High Quality Health Care Services

Selkirk is the site of the region’s major medical services, serving a regional population of 128,000. Our regional hospital is providing new technology for acute care, outpatient service and hospitalization to our community.

Thriving Steel Manufacturing Sector

Selkirk is the hub of steel manufacturing, which makes us ideally suited for steel industry production ventures that place the manufacturing close to the resources required. Gerdau, a global steel manufacturer, is a leading employer in Selkirk and one of if not the greenest plant in Canada.

Quality of Life

Selkirk provides residents with well-maintained parks, an active recreation centre, active transportation pathways, and is home to one of the top ten post- secondary schools in the province. These community assets, paired with the diverse selection of residential affordable housing, appeal to a wide demographic, and make Selkirk an attractive place to live and do business.

four people standing outside talking near a mixed use development